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Valet Ticket PRINTING

Valet ticket printing is the perfect way to promote any upcoming events or services to any patrons. Valet tickets are often kept for a few hours by the recipient opening the door for a great marketing opportunity. Use them to showchase a specific restaurant or any full color image you'd like. You can also sell advertising space on your valet tickets.

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Riding Legally: Valet Tickets Custom Printing

Tickets are important to many of life’s events. Without tickets, anyone could enter a sports game or concert ball and enjoy the festivities without proper proof of purchase or identification. Without tickets, illegalities are all too common—and without legal order, finances are the next to go. It may seem that tickets are small in size and thus, insignificant; to assume this, however, will prove disastrous for those in charge of major events and festivities. Tickets are small, silent defenders of the truth that “you get what you pay for.”

Valets are workers whose sole job it is to drive your car to a space outside a public building and secure it. They are often seen at well-to-do establishments such as restaurants and shopping malls or at celebrity events like the Country Music Awards or the Emmy Awards ceremonies. The nature of the valet’s job mandates the use of valet tickets that counteract free parking for which individuals do not pay.

What are some custom printing ideas for valet tickets? A good idea for valet tickets would be to customize the shape of the ticket into limousines. Since valets often drive limousines at well-known events, the limousine shape may stand for luxury and comfort. If your business is a prom-catering business and you need tickets for the prom event, you could use the limousine shape still—or the prom colors. A classy idea for valet tickets involves designing the tickets in a tuxedo shape where the black jacket, white shirt with buttons, and bow tie are present. This would work for a valet ticket for prom night, as well.

If you choose to use valets for charity events, ticket designs could wear the significance of the charity events. For example, if your organization is a cancer survivor organization and you want to throw a celebrity ball to honor cancer survivors everywhere (as well as the cancer fallen) or St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, the valets could wear pink tuxedo jackets with black tuxedo pants—and the valet tickets may have the cancer ribbon on them with a load of pink!

There are two other ideas that you can do for valet tickets. One of these ideas is to attach blinking lights to your tickets. If you own a valet parking organization and want to send a big message to your guests, give them valet tickets with the word “Valet” in blinking lights of a bright, neon color. You could use a “Las Vegas lights” theme where the colors are bright and choose the combination of colors: whether the word “valet” will be black and the paper lights around it neon colors, or the word “valet” in neon color on a black paper background. The choice is yours.
These valet tickets may not be as small as the traditional ones—but they would not be easy to duplicate or forge.

The other idea is to create a die-cut, pop-up image of your valets on the valet tickets. If you want to ensure that all the valet tickets are present, get a photographer to photograph your valets in individual portraits, then divide up the guest list equally for each valet. If you have 100 guests, 100 cars, and 10 valets, then each valet gets ten cars to park. As each valet takes over the car of a guest, he should present the guest with a pop-up image valet ticket of himself to keep—as a way of confirming valet payment and valet parking. Everyone present must have a valet pop-up image in order to remain at the event. If everyone must have a specific ticket with a valet’s image present, no unwanted person could claim legal valet privileges.

Valet tickets can be designed according to any shape, form, or pattern you would like. A few ideas have been presented here that hopefully spark you to find your own creative voice in valet ticket production. If you want to discuss your own tailor-made options with Impact Color Print, call us today at 800-670-9866 or visit us on the web at for more details.