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Unique Business Cards

Unique business cards are a great way to promote your business. Your full color images require the best of care when printing. Impact Color can give you the high and affordable quality your unique business cards deserve. Your unique business cards will stand out from the competition!

With our extra additions such as foil stamping or embossing we'll help take your cards to another level.

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Four Reasons Why Unique Business Cards are a Must-Have

Business cards are like a driver’s license, police badge, or employee ID: they help unravel the identity of a coworker, colleague, or staff member associated with a given business or organization. Without a driver’s license, a driver cannot get behind the wheel of a vehicle; and, without an employee badge, an employee may be escorted from company premises. Without unique business cards, your business cannot do what it was made to do—attract strong clientele.

Unique business cards are a must-have for every business is that business cards are affordable. One of the ways that great businesses thrive is by making quality purchases at an affordable price—while making great profits at the same time. With unique business cards, you can pay small cash while buying large amounts of business cards that will give your business a name and a “face” for potential customers. You may buy business cards only once within a ten-year period, but the business promotion on the business cards may last you twenty years—and will bring in far more money than the cash you paid for the business cards. The less money you spend on business cards, the more money you can leave in the company treasury.

Another reason unique business cards are a must-have for every business is that they are small in size but large in information. One single business card can provide the business name, business number and contact information, a website address, and even company specials such as “twenty-percent off a purchase of 150 business cards or more.” Businesses would only need to hand out business cards in order to attract clientele, as opposed to television ads and radio announcements years ago.

Ongoing popularity provides another reason why unique business cards are a must-have for every business. Planning a successful marketing strategy requires utilizing advertising techniques that work well with the public. No matter how great the product or diligent the effort, you cannot ensure financial success unless the consumer public identifies with your advertising methods. All it takes is one company URL to elicit consumer intrigue, and, before you know it, consumers are visiting your site. Facebook and Twitter today are two top social media sites, and to read a business card that says “Visit us on Facebook and Twitter” brings in consumer interest. Social media is a valuable tool, but unique, eye-catching business cards will go hand in hand with your online presence.

Lastly, unique business cards are a must-have because they promote corporate personality. Who your business is and what your business does come out on business cards. In fact, the first impression that a potential customer receives comes from your business cards. Business cards reveal who you are to consumers who may be clueless about your company’s existence. In the convenient world of the twenty-first century, unique business cards are the new “door-to-door” marketing strategy that has made an “impact” with the fast-paced, American routine.

Impact Color Print can produce unique business cards that will help you stand out from your competition. We can emboss, foil, stamp, print on plastic, add round corners, do specialty die cuts and many more methods to give you an eye-popping business card that will stand out from the rest! If you need unique business cards for your company, please call 800-670-9866 or visit us on the web at Impact Color Print for more details.

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