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Sticker printing is a great way to promote any event, company or product line. Stickers are an item just about eveyone keeps.

Your business can benefit from the promotion of a printed sticker. Use it in full color to show case an upcoming event, product or your business message.

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Sticker Printing

Sticker printing is the process by which stickers (little adhesives) are replicated on paper. Stickers are adhesives that usually come with a message, picture, or symbol of some kind. Stickers are efficient because they remain on any surface you place them on and they make a statement. Since stickers can have almost any symbol or message, they remain a great form of advertising, even today.

Stickers come in many shapes and sizes. Stickers can be square, round, oval, rectangular, squiggly, spiral, triangular, and even zigzag. Square, round, oval, and other shapes can range in size from tiny to small, medium, or large sizes. If you are a schoolteacher, you can use the tiny, small, and medium stickers for homework, class projects, or even progress reports. Your students will feel rewarded when their progress report (compiled every six weeks) features the word “excellent” with a sticker saying, “Teacher’s Pet” or “A+.” If you are a parent, the perfect way to show your children how proud you are of their achievements is to place stickers on the refrigerator door at home. If there is a certain attendance certificate or science project that wins a first or second-place ribbon, show it off with a sticker that says, “My little scientist.” Your children value stickers that showcase their good work—and to display those stickers shows that you celebrate with them.

If you are a dentist, stickers serve a significant function in your work, as well. Imagine how frightened children must be, as they arrive at the dentist’s office for the first time. It is very likely that they have scared themselves into thinking that going to the dentist is the same as “hurting your teeth.” For them, any device or instrument you use looks deadly. You must be patient with them and show them that not every device is harmful or painful. Once you get their parents to sit in the chair as you wash their teeth and check their teeth for problems, they may feel comfortable enough to sit in the chair and get their own teeth inspected. Upon doing so, reward them with a sticker that says, “I have great teeth; my dentist says so!” or “I was a good boy at the dentist.”

Teenagers value stickers as well, though some may not believe it. Have you ever picked up a diary made just for teenage girls? There is an abundance of bright colors—pink, lavender, yellow, green—and those bright colors are often side-by-side with places that require teenage girls to place stickers in them. Often, those stickers have a message or a symbol that matters to them: “Peace in the Middle East,” “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” “Boys: They’re So Complicated,” “I may not own a castle, but I’m a queen nonetheless,” and so on. They may have stickers of female cartoon characters that they like watching or female Hollywood stars like Hannah Montana that they look up to. Parents can buy stickers to help their children make sense of their world.

Impact Color Print can produce stickers for any occasion or special day. You can choose from a provided assortment of colors, shapes, and messages, or create your own! If you are interested in our sticker services, contact us today at 800-670-9866 or visit us on the web at for more details.