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Spot UV Business Cards

Spot UV business cards are a great way to promote your business. Business cards are handed out daily but only spot UV business cards can get you the maximum impact your business deserves. Spot UV adds a special gloss coating to any specific area you'd like.

Ask about extra additions such as foil stamping or embossing to help take your cards to another level.

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The Hybrid Card: Spot UV Business Cards

Many people are away of the hybrid-car mania that has engulfed America today. Environmentalists love the hybrid car because it does not burn so much gasoline fuel into the environment as does normal gasoline vehicles. However, what so few people know is that the car is named “the hybrid” because it is a mix (a hybrid) of two types of cars: gasoline and electric. The hybrid contains both a gasoline engine and an electric engine that is battery-operated. One engine runs for a time and then gives way to the other engine. The benefit behind the hybrid car is that smaller amounts of fossil fuel are emitted into the atmosphere.

The hybrid card, the spot UV business card, is a hybrid of its own: while retaining elements of the traditional matte card, it also contains elements of the contemporary UV business card. The traditional matte card contained the business card itself with a surface made for writing. Every time a business card was handed out to an individual, the individual could take down notes, a phone number, or other information about a potential business, service, or job offer. However, there was a problem: though the matte business card is great for jotting down notes, it didn't have the sassy coating that looks like a lamination. The matte card was good but needed improvement.

Along came the UV business card. “UV,” acronym for “ultraviolet,” became the new pattern for business card. The ultraviolet cards were made by printing the cards in a set color and waiting for the colors to dry. After the cards dried, the next step was to add an ultraviolet coating to the business cards, wait for the coating to dry, and then apply heat to finish the job. UV business cards allowed recipients to read words without smearing them—but the coating prevented consumers from jotting down vital information on the cards. The information on the business cards looked great; however, consumers could not write down pertinent information.

Spot UV business card takes care of the problems associated with traditional matte and UV business cards. While it does retain some elements of the traditional matte card that allows you to have some section on which to jot notes, it also has some “spots” on the business card where ultraviolet coating has been placed. This is why it is called a “spot UV business card”!

Spot UV business cards open up a whole new world for businesses, advertisement, and the card industry. First, it takes card innovation to a whole new level. If a comic book company advertises its comics or seeks to hire new comic strip artists, the best way to advertise is to provide a sample drawing on a business card to hand to a potential staff member. Comic drawings of superheroes such as Wolverine, Batman and Robin, Superman, Captain Planet, the Incredible Hulk, or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles might be a good way to spark someone’s intrigue in your business.

Art schools can use the spot UV business card to their advantage by placing top drawings from artists at their school on the front or back of the business card. This allows the school to show potential students the level of artistic talent that lies at its institution. Students who are serious about artwork and the art profession desire to go to school where other students are just as serious—if not more.

Spot UV business cards are not only for artists and art schools—they are for other businesses and professions as well. Lamination in general is a good thing, as it preserves your business cards over the long haul. A business card may impress someone today, but it may not impress five years down the road if the card is illegible, smeared completely, or destroyed. Other professions, whether architecture, plumbing, mechanics, insurance, fashion, food, appliances, medical, or legal services should consider the long-term benefits of spot UV business cards.

Impact Color Print is a color printing company that works hard to provide great color prints, including spot UV business cards. We are interested in talking with you about any sort of custom spot UV business card you want to do. If you need spot UV business cards at a great price, contact us today at 800-670-9866 or visit us on the web at for more details.

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