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Real estate door hangers

Real estate door hanger printing is the perfect way to attract attention from prospective clients. They are an affordable and easy to hand out tool that every closing agent should have in their marketing arsenal.

We can design and print your real estate door hangers letting you focus in on closing your deals!

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Door Disturbance: real estate door hangers

Door hangers are, unlike some souvenirs, objects that have a place: they belong on doors—whether at home, at a hotel for a conference, your honeymoon suite, or your business. While most door hangers tell those outside not to disturb, have you thought about your business creating a “disturbance at the door” with real estate door hangers? If you are in the real estate business and hope to win customers, you may want to consider door hangers as a valuable marketing tool.

What are the benefits of real estate door hangers? One benefit of door hangers as an advertising tool for your business is that door hangers are useful items. Think of how many places use door hangers! No matter where you go, you can find at least one door containing a door hanger with a message written on it. This is a sure sign that consumers find door hangers to be a useful item in their day-to-day lives. Useful items are less likely to end up in the garbage can than items that consumers have no purpose or desire for. If you can market yourself by way of an item that is consumer-friendly, you are sure to make an impression and woo consumers to your real estate business.

Another benefit of real estate door hangers is that they are items that by default come with a message. When consumers think of door hangers, what message automatically comes to mind? “Do Not Disturb”! It is assumed that, whenever a door hanger is on the doorknob, the words “Do Not Disturb” or “Keep Quiet” are somewhere nearby. Would you like to use an item for marketing such as a door hanger where people would automatically expect a message from you? If you use door hangers, you will not have to sell your message because consumers will already have an expectation that your message is present. The only thing left for your business in advertising is to ensure that you have a great motto, company logo, and services—but we are sure that you have these areas covered.

Lastly, the use of real estate door hangers as a marketing tool shows consumers that you care about the things they care about. The best way to win consumers to your side is to show them that they matter to you. When you give them a door hanger with your company name and logo on it, consumers get the idea that you care about the smallest of things—such as the “Do Not Disturb” sign on their door every night. Your gesture will show consumers that even something as simple as a door hanger has significance in your sight if it appeals to them. Consumers cherish companies that cherish consumers.

Impact Color Print seeks to create real estate door hangers for your real estate business. We want your door hangers to catch consumers by surprise as they prepare to go to bed each night. As our name suggests, we pride ourselves on making an “impact” on you—and want you to make an impact on consumers. To talk with us, call (800)-670-9866.

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