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Real estate direct mail

An effective way to attract new clients is with real esate direct mail marketing. A prospect will receive your postcard directly in their mail box giving you a guarantee that your postcard or maling piece will be seen.

We've made the process easy for you. We'll design, print and mail your real estate direct mailer so you can focus on what's important to you, closing deals!

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Worth More than the Real Estate: The Significance of Consumers in Real Estate Direct Mail

Real estate businessmen are proud of their real estate properties to lease and sell. Nothing makes you happier than knowing another wonderful property has been sold—and you stand to make a nice profit from it. However, the longer the time you spend in your business, you realize that people are often worth more than real estate. Real estate is precious and worth a significant amount of money; nevertheless, how will you sell those precious properties without people? If you have spent too much time eyeing your lands and houses (and not enough time talking with consumers), you may need to pursue real estate direct mail as your marketing alternative.

First, you should know that real estate direct mail comes in many forms. There are many forms of advertisement and mail. You can send out leaflets (small sheets) that tell about your business, flyers, posters, letters, postcards, business cards, and so on. In some cases, your business could combine two different mail forms (flyers and letters or postcards and letters) as a way to reach unreached consumers. It is up to you which direct mail forms you choose, but be sure to select the forms that you think will most resonate with consumers. Your business may choose a form that seems right for you—but what works for you may not appeal to your consumers.

Next, real estate direct mail should include the consumer’s name, or names of the household members. For example, “Dear Mr. and Mrs. Terry Jackson” is a nice way to address consumers. Some businesses choose to note the addressee as “Mr. and Mrs. Consumer” or “dear citizen.” While these may seem to be the “easy way out” as far as letter addresses are concerned, they do nothing to interest consumers in your business. Rather, consumers label your mail “junk” mail and toss it into the trash. If all the couple is to you is “Mr. and Mrs. Consumer,” how do you ever expect to attract them to your business? You must place more time and effort into addressing the consumer public than just calling them a “consumer” or “citizen,” common titles that are written in a detached, third-person form.

Lastly, real estate direct mail should contain your manual autograph before you send the form out via mail to the consumer. The most personal letters are written by hand; though we live in an electronic, digital age where typewriters are more a thing of the past, we can at least leave some personal elements in our direct mail presentation. Signing your name in either plain or cursive writing reminds consumers that, behind all the business, products, and marketing advertisements, a real person—you—exists. At the end of the day, consumers want to know that you are still “one of them.”

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