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Real Estate Business Cards

Real estate business cards are a great way to promote yourself as a real estate agent. Your image is important and full color real estate business cards from Impact Color can you help you get the advantage over other agents.

Ask about extra additions such as foil stamping or embossing to help take your cards to another level.

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Real Estate Business Cards

It is probably a safe bet that you have seen gorgeous property before—gardens, flowers, backyard swimming pool—and wanted to find the name of the property and who leases the string of properties included with the one you want. Have you ever reached for a real estate card only to find none? For those of you who are in real estate, you may want to consider the importance of a real estate business card.

Why do those in real estate need a business card? First, you need a real estate business card to show the properties you manage. Since someone may have never heard of your business, lived near your properties, or toured the estate grounds themselves, they cannot know what you have to sell until they inspect the properties on their own. Without access to your properties, consumers have no way of discerning whether or not you have properties worth their time and investment or not. Until a consumer sees your properties, he or she cannot buy or refrain from buying; and until a consumer chooses to buy your properties, you cannot gauge how much money you stand to make in your business. Money is essential to your business growth and your overall financial state—so do what you can and make it easy for consumers to purchase your property.

Next, you need a real estate business card to make connections. It is hard to remember names, but a real estate business card with a photo makes all the difference in the world. Oftentimes, in the business world, businessmen need time to start to remember someone’s name. There are those in the consumer world who are just the same. Someone may be interested in a property of yours but never buy it because “His name was…I cannot remember it for the life of me,” they may say. You never know when a businessman will have a job promotion ready to hand to you, or an offer you cannot refuse. In times of giving, those who are most recognizable get the treats. Make sure you not only make a name for yourself, but that you also make yourself accessible to others.

Lastly, a real estate business card is important because it allows you to show what you do with pride. One of the main questions every person on earth is asked at some time or another when introducing themselves or being introduced is, “What do you do for a living?” By knowing a person’s occupation, many people feel as if they can connect with that person on an everyday level. When you are asked the question, “What do you do for a living?,” you can respond with, “I’m a real estate businessman” or “I work in real estate.” You may hear the expression, “Ah…so you manage and sell properties?,” which may then lead into a great conversation. If you can share what you do for a living, you can share what you sell for a living. If you can share what you sell, you can make a living. People want to see a level of confidence when someone has a good job—and a business card will allow the real estate businessman to be taken seriously.

Impact Color Print can make your real estate business cards in any customized manner you choose. Our business cards come in anywhere from 2.5 x 5 to 8.5 x 5! You can even have your business cards made of silk, or have a Spot UV coating placed on one or both sides. Come by today and discuss your customized options with us. Call 800-670-9866 or visit us on the web at for more details.

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