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Professional Business Cards

Professional business cards are a great way to promote your business. Business cards are handed out daily but only professional business cards can get you the maximum impact your business deserves.

Ask about extra additions such as foil stamping or embossing to help take your cards to another level.

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Can’t Live Without ‘Em: Necessary Elements of Professional Business Cards

The term “professional” is often defined as relating to careers: a “professional” golfer, songwriter, or other field of work may come to mind. The term “professional,” however, is not just an occupational description—it is also an action of excellence. The person that does professional work takes great care towards his or her work. The same action of excellence taken towards one’s work should also be taken towards one’s business cards. How you market yourself is just as important as what you market. There are some necessary elements of professional business cards that your business cannot flourish without.

One necessary element of professional business cards is business contact information—including both a phone number and email address. The technological advances of the last twenty years have given companies an official standing in the virtual world without the need to operate from a physical building—not to mention a physical address! However, these advances do not eliminate business contact information. If you are a business owner, please provide a work number that allows consumers to call in and inquire about the business. If you do not have a business number, supply a phone number on the card where you can be reached, or a valid email address where you can respond to questions. Let consumers know that you are not too busy to answer their questions. A personal touch is key to a successful business.

Professional business cards should also have the business days and hours of operation. If consumers are curious about your business and want to inquire as to what the business does, they will need to know what hours of the day they can come by and visit. Businesses that do not supply the hours of operation on professional business cards signal to consumers that the business is aloof, mysterious, and unreachable. If consumers are interested in your product, they should have operating days and hours so as to rearrange their schedules and make a visit.

Lastly, professional business cards should have a business motto or trademark statement. The success of trademark statements can be seen with businesses such as Nationwide Insurance, Allstate Farm Insurance, Burger King, McDonald’s, Applebee’s, and Olive Garden, to name a few. “Nationwide is on your side,” “are you in good hands?,” “Have it your way,” “Have you had your break today?,”“Eatin’ good in the neighborhood,” and “When you’re here, you’re family” are statements that resonate deep within American hearts. These food establishments understand that the key to successful, financial campaigns is to give Americans statements they can recall when they hear them. The magic of recall has led to the growth of these food establishments and their chain branches. Professional business cards should follow this trail and create the “magic” that will net businesses huge profits.

Professional business cards must be created with the utmost care, since you are what your business cards read. Impact Color Print realizes the significance that professional business cards play in your business—which is why we will design your cards with care. Our name, “Impact Color Print,” is a business name that has vision. We want to impact your business by providing the best card printing service we can. If you need professional business cards for your company, call us at 800-670-9866 or visit us on the web at for more details. Let Impact Color Print make an impact on your business and your life.

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