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At Impact Color we understand the important process of your printing quote. We offer you options on stocks and analyze your printing to give you the best bang for your buck. All while taking into account that quality cannot be sacrificed.

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Educated Printing: The Printing Quote

It has always been said that planning is a good thing. One never simply “leaps” onto the world stage; instead, he or she plans. Planning begins when you are an infant as your parents decide how they are going to raise you as their child—what values will they instill into you, what activities are mandatory in their home, what are the house rules, and what your dating curfew will be when you are allowed to date.

Planning occurs when you become active in high school athletics and want to play on numerous sports teams. Your parents juggle their schedules in order to allow you to fulfill your dreams. Your high school class schedules also need some planning so that you can take the classes you need and graduate in a timely manner. Planning occurs as you grow up, go to college, date, marry, and start a new family. Where would we be without planning?

Printing quotes are not on the same plane as the above. No, it is not a life or death thing. To take a bad printing quote will probably not wreck your future in the same way that bad driving could change the course of it! However, a bad printing quote will probably cost you a few dollars here and there. If you take enough bad printing quotes, pretty soon, you will run out of money.

What is a printing quote? A printing quote is an estimate for a printing job that a printing company provides to lead you to an educated, informed decision about which company is best for business. When a printing company says, “We charge this much,” it does so with the hope that you would factor in affordability when choosing the printing company for your printing needs. Printing companies want to win your service and aim to keep costs low for this very reason. After all, without printing customers, there would be no printing companies!

What are the benefits of a printing quote? One benefit is that a printing quote helps you make an informed decision about which company you choose for your printing job. With a printing quote provided before you agree to a service, you can choose the company whose prices fit your budget. This is particularly the case for small businesses that simply cannot afford thousands of dollars in the name of “premium” printing from an expensive printing company.

Another benefit of a printing quote is that it gives small printing companies the power to market themselves. If a small printing company has few customers and is not very renown, the printing quote may be the one piece of leverage the small printing company can use to attract a famous book writer (for example) as well as the fans that follow him or her. If a printing company has been given little press in the community, he or she may increase their customer population simply because a “John Grisham” or “Robin Cook” comes to town.

Lastly, a printing quote allows the consumer to take advantage of deals that may or may not constitute part of the regular price. For example, if you decide to print your book in bulk during the summer months, you can talk to the printing company and see if they offer some sort of summer bulk sale. If they do, they may be more of a catch for your print, particularly if you like their work better than the affordable competitor (but would rather not pay the high price for high quality). This is something to discuss with the printing company when requesting a quote.

A printing quote can make all the difference between your budget, your publicity, and the work quality. Investigate the quotes and make an informed decision based upon the quality and quantity.

Impact Color Print provides printing quotes to its potential customers for anything from bulk prints to short run printing. If you are interested in letting us serve you, call us at 800-670-9866 or visit us on the web at for more details.

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