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Printing and Design

Get noticed with high impact printing and design services. Our team or professional designers is at your service to help you produce any type of printed material. Your business can benefit greatly from our years of experience.

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Printing and Design

Impact Color Print is a company devoted to designing and printing your custom stickers, bookmarks, envelopes, stationery, wine labels, as well as helping to create custom coffee mugs, t-shirts, and so on. To say it best, we do all the printing and design tasks that you would expect from most printing companies.

When you think of the printing process, what comes to mind? First, you’ve got to have the right kind of paper. At Impact Color Print, we aim to use paper that is vegetable and soy-based. If we print custom stickers, the paper will consist of a crack-and-peel feature that contains the sticky residue that so many children love on their stickers. Our inks are even vegetable and soy-based. We print using these inks because we believe that we have a responsibility to preserve and care for the environment. We are committed to preserving animal life, not harming it. We show our commitment by the organic printing and design job that we do. Since our ink is vegetable and soy-based, you get a design from our printing services that unambiguously declares our commitment to the preservation of all of life. We do not feel the need to kill whales or other sea creatures in order to make sales!

Once you have the right paper and inks, you must have an excellent design: this is part of the printing and design process. This area completely belongs to our customers. We are here to serve you, not ourselves. At this point, we allow you to tell us the design you want most. We are glad to offer advice if you need it, but we do not force you to choose a selection or design. Since you pay us for the work, we want you to be satisfied with the work we do. If there is something you would like to do that our website does not mention, please feel free to run it by us. We do not want you to be dissatisfied with a product that you invest so much for!

Our printing and design services allow you the option of choosing the size of your paper, the size of your stickers, the shape of your stickers, the 3D shapes you would like (for 3D printing), the type of flyers, leaflets, envelopes, letterhead, and signs that you want to make. Our job is simply to be here to assist in any way we can. Without you, there would be no Impact Color Print.

Impact Color Print is a printing and design company based in Los Angeles that provides both design and printing options for all of its print jobs. Choose your own designs and select what type of printing you want most. If you would like to discuss your options with us, call us at (800)-670-9866 for more details.

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