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Photography Cards

Photography business cards are a great way to promote your photography business. Your full color images require the best of care when printing. Impact Color can give you the high and affordable quality your photography business cards deserve.

Ask about extra additions such as foil stamping or embossing to help take your cards to another level.

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Photography Business Cards

Photography business cards are convenient cards given out by photographers to promote their business. Since photographers take pictures on a daily basis, business cards are the ideal way for them to show their ability by capturing a scene in time. First impressions are everything, and the photographer whose work on the front (and perhaps back) of a business card needs no words to convince potential customers of his or her skill. The adage is true: a picture is worth a thousand words.

Photographers have a myriad of ways to represent their artistic work on a business card. Each population segment the photographer has in mind has different needs and preferences—so do not expect what works for one group to work for another. If you are a wedding photographer, a good business card necessitates wedding moments—anything from the groom lifting the bride’s veil, to the happy couple kissing, walking down the aisle, and greeting family and friends. Special touch business cards might include a picture of only the bride and groom cake figurines on the wedding cake, and the limousine photo with the large sign “Just Married” on the trunk. The key to a great photography business card is to put people “in the moment”—to help business card readers see themselves present at the same wedding (though they were absent from the vicinity). If you can snap photos and grab shots that place individuals in the moment, you can win mass numbers of clientele.

Infant photography is, like all other kinds of photography, an opportunity to place people at the occasional moment. Infant photographers can take pictures of the parents holding a baby in their arms for the first time, or the child crawling on the ground, struggling to walk for the first time, or playing with his or her toys. The goal of infant photographers is to place babies in their first big moments.

Fashion photographers appeal to fashion models or women who stay up-to-date with the latest fashion brands. Fashion photographers usually take snapshots of women walking down the runway in the newest designer scarves, boots, hats, skirts, dresses, and high heels. The fashion photos that are placed on business cards should show strong, confident women, women who believe in themselves and exude that confidence onto the modeling stage for all to see. Through their snapshots, photographers send the message that “wearing designer clothes makes you more confident and sexy.”

Photojournalists have a somewhat different role. Unlike wedding photographers, infant photographers, and fashion photographers, their job is not to “brush up” the news but to portray the news as reality presents it. If they are taking pictures of a car accident, their goal is to show the extent of the vehicle damage—not to erase the damage from photo viewers. Pictures of the recent decade-old war in Iraq and Afghanistan, if taken by photojournalists, should show American troops wiping the sweat from their brow. Americans should see the photos and understand that freedom comes at a cost. If, however, the occasion is a happy one (such as the presidential inauguration), then photojournalists should capture the vibrant spirit of the festivities and show the President, First Lady, and citizens all aglow as the country celebrates its newfound leadership.

If photography business cards possess any significance, they show that sometimes, few words (if any) need be spoken. If the adage is right that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” then wedding, infant, fashion, and journalist photographers say more in a photo than writers say in a page.

If you need printed business cards to help you capture life’s moments, look no further than Impact Color Print. Impact Color Print captures the moment while impacting your life in the process. To order photography business cards, call 800-670-9866 or visit us on the web at for more details.

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