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Get your event out with party flyers. We make it affordable, easy and fast to get you party flyers for your upcoming party. We print your party flyers on a high quality cardstock with your choice of matte or high gloss UV. Contact us today to take advantage of our great pricing on party flyer printing.

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The Adult Life: Party Flyers

With Super Bowl XLVI approaching, many are preparing the right snacks, drinks, decorations, and guest list for their Super Bowl Parties. You want to make sure that the coasters match your favorite Super Bowl team and that your curtains, rugs, and even Christmas lights (yes, you still have not taken those down yet!) match the team that you predict to win. You take a look at your guest list and how large it seems to be (or you look to invite every person you know that wants to come) and you notice that something is missing. “What could it be?” you ask. The answer? It is called “missing Party Flyers.”

Party Flyers are significant for your adult party because they allow you to spread the word quickly. If you are planning a large party, you do not have the time to drive around to every relative, neighbor, friend, and associate you know and tell them that you will host a Super Bowl party this weekend. If you are trying to get your club all nice and clean for the rapper Eminem or the hip-hop likes of Justin Timberlake, you do not want to trouble yourself with running around, catching up with every single person, and telling them about the 12-hour marathon at your club this weekend.

If you are in the lingerie or Playboy modeling business, you will probably have a lingerie party to introduce a new line of your own or the newest line at Victoria’s Secret. You are too busy preparing the models to look good in the newest lingerie (and practicing their walks on the runway or the carpet for your guests) than to spend time telling all the men and women, “I’m having a lingerie party this weekend.” With the exception of a few close relatives and friends, it becomes nearly impossible time-wise, to contact every person about the event. Being in business is all about doing things quickly and effectively. Why not let Party Flyers do the job?

Lastly, Party Flyers are significant for your business because they allow you to provide incentives for consumer attendance. You put time and effort into getting your flyers printed—why not require consumers in attendance to bring their flyers when they come and provide a financial incentive such as a $100 gift card or free admission to the club’s opening night? When you require consumers to bring their flyers with them, you force them to put their flyers in a safe place, guard them carefully, and pay attention to them. This not only gives them a motivational reason to keep their flyers in a good place to retrieve them, it also encourages them to read the flyer and refer your club to someone else. If they can get free admission to your club, and they have friends they would like to bring with them, they will most likely try to get them a flyer. The friends will tell other friends, and so on.

Impact Color Print makes Party Flyers for any type of party you would like, whether lingerie, club, sports, or other social activity. If you are interested in having your own custom flyers made, call us at (800)-670-9866.

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