Oversized Postcards

Oversized postcards are a great way to promote any event, company or upcoming product release. An oversized postcard can be placed as a display stand or even handed out to customers. Download our PDF brochure today or call us at 800.670.9866

Oversized Postcards

How often have you ever stopped and examined a postcard? I can remember getting postcards when friends would go to the beach, or to a vacation home or condo, a summer trip out of the country, and so forth. Often, friends and family send you a small postcard that has a small message printed on the card. Postcards have always been known to say the most by saying the least.

Oversized postcards change the rules of the game. Postcards, once thought to be a tool for those of few words, can now be implemented by those who have many words. Postcards can come larger than the normal postcard size that has ruled the day since the invention of postcards. What can you do with large postcards? Oversized postcards allow you the luxury of announcing huge events. For example, if you are an eye care business and you look to expand your clientele, invite the consumer base out to one of your grand glass sales where they can save 50-75% on a new pair of frames if they come in anytime during a selected three-day period. If you own a sports gear business, host a raffle drawing where the winner can receive $500 worth of free gear from the store, or have a random win game where the 100th individual in the store receives a free gift card to a fancy restaurant such as Chili’s, Outback Steakhouse, P.F. Chang’s, and so on. For video gamers, your video game business should offer them a chance to win a free PlayStation Vita and games if they win a random drawing or happen to be the 100th individual that arrives at the game store.

Oversized postcards not only allow for many words, but also large photos or numerous photos. Depending on the postcard size, you may be able to fit a few pictures on a postcard. Sometimes, businesses should send large postcards with pictures of the company staff in their offices, hard at work, so as to show consumers just how serious the company is about pleasing its clientele. Consumers want to see you and your staff hard at work in your company—since they will be paying you in the future to perform a service for them (like provide prescription glasses or administer laser eye surgery, and so on), and hope that you will do a quality job worth the quality dollars they have invested. Pictures say to consumers, “we are more than willing to let you know some things about us.” Consumers who can peer into a business and see what day-to-day life is about are more willing to invest than consumers who know so little about a company that wants them to buy a product or service.

Lastly, you can use your oversized postcards to provide a personal touch. Businesses have figured out the powerful impact that direct mail marketing has on consumers. Consumers want to know that businesses are never too busy for them.

Impact Color Print specializes in oversized postcards. We can make large postcards in any size you desire. We know you want to impact your consumer base, and we look to make an impact on you as well. If you need large postcards that send a large message, call (800)-670-9866 for more details.

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