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Mini Business Cards PRINTING

Stylish yet affordable, mini business cards are a creative way to stand out from the competition.

Mini business cards not only provide a way to give all of your contact information to a prospect or current client but also help you come accross as unique and creative.

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Why Smaller Is Better: The Benefits of Mini Business Cards

The saying “bigger is better” seems to be the smart way to live. If you are at the grocery store, it is more economical to buy the bigger cereal box for a little extra than to buy two smaller cereal boxes that cost more than the large box. When it comes to buying business cards, however, the opposite just may be true—that is, smaller business cards may often be better than larger ones. Mini business cards have many advantages because of their size. These advantages create the new adage that “smaller is better.”

First, mini business cards are better than large cards because they are practical. Mini business cards are easy to carry around, for both your business employees as well as potential customers. The small size of mini business cards ensures easy transport for both business employers and customers. If the card size is large, the convenience will be small.

Additionally, mini business cards are also time-conserving: they prevent customers from having to write down names and contact information. Instead, the mini business card supplies the information, and customers can spend more time talking to employees and owners and asking questions than taking notes.

Mini business cards are also stylish. Having a regular business card presents the look that you are with the norm and follow regular standards. When you show your clients a small mini business card you're giving the appearance that you're different, willing to break boundaries and willing to think different! Style can say a lot about your business.

Last but not least, mini business cards are both informative and effective. This is where business cards differ from commercials. Commercials supply quick information, but you only see the information for thirty seconds or so. When it comes to mini business cards, you have the information with you, constantly—assured that the information will not run off the card!

Mini business cards are also an effective means of communication. Commercials, infomercials, and other public and social media are new ways of reaching potential customers; however, these media are also inaccessible when conducting a face-to-face encounter. When it is time to meet potential clients in person, you need something that is tangible at the moment—not something that they can check later. Mini business cards are right there in your wallet or purse when you need them most.

Impact Color Print understands the significance of mini business cards and how valuable they can be for your business. We specialize in mini business cards and can make cards of any small size. The standard card dimensions are 2 x 2, but if you need smaller dimensions we can even tailor the card dimensions to fit your budget! To secure your mini business cards, call 800-670-9866 or visit us on the web at for more details.