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Marketing Flyers

Marketing flyers are the most effective way to promote your business at any trade show or event. They are affordable and can produce great results!


We can design and print your marketing flyers giving you a look that will be guaranteed to get noticed!

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Marketing Flyers

Flyers are small announcements that are often passed out to individuals and crowds on streets, at public events, and even in small, private conference gatherings. Flyers are a way to get a small message out to the public quickly. As an advertising form, flyers are the fastest form of advertising to utilize when advertising your business.

For your business, however, marketing flyers are the way to go. You are not just concerned with getting the word out about your business; you also want to produce a flyer that will grab the attention of the flyer readers who may have never held an interest in your business before. The goal is to market yourself, to present yourself in such a way as to win the reader’s curiosity and get him or her to come visit your business and see what you do up-close and personal.

You can do all sorts of things with your marketing flyers. For one, you can aim to announce your company’s “Grand Opening” or a special event your business is sponsoring. When businesses sponsor marathons to raise money for cancer or AIDS research, consumers become intrigued and visit the event simply to feel as if they are supporting something meaningful and transcendent. If you are not sponsoring an event or seem bored with a plain announcement, try for a trendy message with a rhyme or thought-provoking statement. The goal is to say something that makes the consumer think about a subject in a whole new light.

The next aim for your marketing flyers can be attention-grabbing colors. Colors allow you and your business to show a creative flair and artistic talent that will appear to right-brained individuals who have an eye for art and artistic talent of any kind. When colors are not enough, symbols and logos help to add a brilliant touch to your marketing flyers. Logos and symbols are mental markers that consumers often recall when they seem them reappear. One excellent example of this is the “Uncle Sam” mascot. Whenever an American sees “Uncle Sam,” he or she automatically knows that this refers to the U.S. Government (the first letters of “Uncle Sam” are “U.S.”). Chili’s is another famous restaurant that has made symbols and logos come alive: their Jalapeno mascot helps consumers know that a chili’s restaurant commercial is on before they even see the restaurant name.

Marketing flyers are a necessary form of advertising that your business must use to advance its cause. Flyers are short—like leaflets—and allow a company to say as little as possible in as small an announcement as possible. Since attention spans are not long and enduring these days, your business has the responsibility of convincing someone to visit your business within a few sentences or paragraph. Make it the most astounding paragraph you can.

Impact Color Print specializes in marketing flyers. Our flyers can come in any size, shape, with any color combination, logo, or symbol you would like to have printed on them. We know you want to make an impact on your consumer base—and we hope to make an impact on you. If you want to discuss flyer printing options with us, call (800)-670-9866 for more details.

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