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Leaflet printing is an easy and affordable way to promote any specials or events. Businesses often use leaflets as hand outs at tradeshows, events or their business. You can take advantage of full color and use as many images as you'd want on your leaflet.

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“Short and Sweet”: The Power of leaflets

I was always taught growing up as a child that sometimes, things are not only better left unsaid, but also that, even when said, they are better said briefly. This is why infomercials and commercials became such power marketing mediums—they reinforced the need for brevity.

I am pleased to inform you, however, that you do not need a commercial or infomercial to advertise your business briefly; all you need is to utilize the power of brevity contained within leaflets. They not only grant you the brevity of the printed word, but also shorten the time it takes to read it. You will save time writing your advertisements, and consumers will save time reading them.

leaflets are printed sheets of paper that are often folded and contain written statements upon them. These small sheets can be perused quickly and easily without feeling as if you are reading through an encyclopedia or dictionary. There are several things you can choose to do with these small sheets. One thing you can do with them concerns folding styles. If you own an Irish pub and want to share a little Irish spirit with the consumer public, you can make your small sheet into an “accordion” shape and place paper handles on the front and back. When the consumer opens the small sheet, it looks as if he or she is opening an accordion.

leaflets are beneficial because the consumer will not need forever to read through your small sheet. The way to win consumers is by the avoidance of overload. Do not overload consumers when they first become interested in your business. Give them enough for the purpose of intrigue—if they are interested, they will seek to learn more. Another reason these small sheets are beneficial concerns images. Since leaflets save you space on the printed word, perhaps you can use images to intrigue consumers. Consumers are most intrigued by photos and other images. It is often said that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” If this is true, then you will say more with photos than with words. Take the extra space in your small sheets and provide photos of the business staff, your office, your business rooms, and an outside view of your company.

If you are using a small sheet for your business right after the grand opening, use some photos from the grand opening event and place them in the small sheet you will give consumers. If the consumers to which you market your business were not at the grand opening, the photos should serve to put them “at the scene of the celebration.” The goal is to make them feel as though they are free to join your company as a valued customer, no matter when they join. You are simply glad to have them alongside of your staff and work efforts.

Impact Color Print can provide help with any leaflets you desire to make. We aim to create small sheets that will keep your customers entertained, make them comfortable, and promote your business all at the same time. To get your small sheets tailor-made, call us at (800)-670-9866.