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Label printing is a great way to compliment your product line. A label is the first thing someone looks at when they are interested in your product. With our full color labels you can be sure to attract attention and give a message that says your product is top notch.

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Label Printing

Labels are small pieces of paper, fabric, plastic, or other material that is often attached to a product and identifies it. Labels distinguish one product or item from another. Labels eliminate the confusion of wondering about the identity of the product or item. If you do not know the item by appearance, you can simply read the label and know the details.

When you think of labels, often places like grocery stores, retail stores, movie rentals, restaurants, and wholesale candy stores come to mind. Subway is a great example: when you enter their food court to eat a sub, a sub sticker is placed on the wrapping of your sandwich so the cashier can compute the price of your food accurately. Due to food labels, cashiers do not have to inspect the food to calculate your price. If you own a food court similar to Subway or Quizno’s, you can use labels to demarcate one sandwich from another. To help your business, you may have a color-coding system whereby similar sandwiches have different shades of the same color on their labels. A sub sandwich food court may have two chicken sandwiches, a chicken parmesan and a buffalo chicken sandwich. The food court can show the similarity and difference between these two sandwiches by having a light orange label for the parmesan and a neon orange color for the buffalo chicken sandwich.

Grocery stores can use labels to their advantage. If you own any sort of a grocery business, whether large or small, labels can be used to distinguish vegetables from meats. You may want to use green labels for the “lettuce” and “cabbage” sections, while you may use dark red for the red meat sections (meatloaf, steak, sausage, lamb, etc.). You may decide to use blue-colored labels for your seafood section, since it is food from the sea.

Label printing is not only good for food courts, restaurants, and grocery stores, it is also useful for colleges and universities. State colleges and universities add alumni to their alumni associations each year. One of the privileges that alumni receive with their annual fee to the association is free mailing labels. Often, these free labels come with the school mascot beside the alumni’s mailing address. If you are a university chancellor or part of the university administration, you may consider adding free mailing address labels (with mascots printed thereon) as part of your gratitude for your alumni and their donations.

What are the benefits of label printing? One benefit is that you can know the identity of each item in your store, particularly if you own a food business. It is unsanitary to open food after it is wrapped securely, or converse while the food is open (for fear of passing on germs to the consumer). Thus, to know what the sandwich is while preserving sanitation is a commendatory matter.

Another benefit of label printing is that you can display your store or business pride while doing so. Colleges and universities display school pride and a long school tradition by label printing, while food courts display their loyalty to sanitation and preventive health. Whether you are in the office, at home, at school, or at a corporate job, labels can serve a purpose while reflecting creativity and artistic expression.

Impact Color Print does label printing at a price you can afford. We have both oval and round stickers with a dimension range of anywhere from 2.5 x 2.5 to 8.5 x 5.5! An array of colors and sizes can do the trick for your labels. If you want to discuss label options with us, call 800-670-9866 or visit us on the web at for more details.