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Event Ticket PRINTING

Event ticket printing is a awesome way to promote any upcoming event. You can place any full color image you'd like on a ticket and make sure that it stands out to the recipient. Often times people choose to go with a dull regular ticket giving up a great opportunity to promote another upcoming event or service.

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Universal VIP Passes and Event Ticket Printing

An event is a portion of time in which something happens. By this definition, yawning qualifies as an event, as does breathing: both are actions that are performed in a portion of time—though only for ten seconds or less. However, event ticket printing references the word “event” on a whole new scale. “Event” is not simply an action in time, but an action on a special occasion that mandates the presence of people in a physical space (building, office, conference center, outdoors, etc.). By this definition, yawning and breathing are not events (in the special sense of the term).

Events in many cases require tickets. A ticket is a paper-like, square shape that has a number on it, usually with the words “admit one.” Tickets have been a prominent thing in movie theaters, raffle drawings, and admissions to various performances in huge auditoriums, such as the Barnum and Bailey circus shows. Broadway shows give out tickets as proof of receipt (and requirement for admission).

Tickets are exclusive in nature: they are like “VIP” (very important people) passes. Some are allowed into an event because they make the list, while others are not. The nature of selection varies. In some events, you can choose whether or not to come—like concerts at campus auditoriums (if you are in college), movie night on a college campus, high school athletic game, or a university music concert. When it comes to more prestigious events, such as a prestigious national symphony, a Broadway musical, Rolling Stones concert (and other music artists), or even a political campaign luncheon, proof of exclusive rights to admission or proof of ticket purchase is required.

What is meant by “event ticket printing?” Event ticket printing refers to the production of tickets for a given event (whether musical, athletic, theatrical, cinematic, etc.). There is a process by which tickets are printed. First, a template is provided, a design for the tickets is given. Next, the other intricate details as to the contents on the tickets are decided. Then, all of this is done via computer digital software. Last but not least, the tickets are printed with ease. Voila!

What template do you want for your tickets? Do you want them to be in the shape of a violin, tuba, or a small baby grand piano (if you are throwing a charity music concert)? Do you want them in the shape of a heart (if you are planning a Valentine’s Day Dance)? What size do you want: small or medium? How small do you want your tickets to be? All these questions go into planning what kind of event tickets you will have.

Here is where Impact Color Printing can be of service. Impact Color can and will print any type of event tickets you need—no matter the occasion. If you need tickets for a movie night, we deliver; if you need tickets for a retirement gathering, we deliver; if you need tickets for a charity ball or a charity marathon, we deliver. Our custom printing allows you to get any selection of template, shape, size, and writing look you want, down to the very last letter. For all of your printing needs, contact us today at 800-670-9866 or visit us on the web at for more details.