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Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is a very effective way to reach potential or current customers. Studies show that a piece received in the mail will give maximum impact to the receiving party.

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Marketing with a Personal Touch: Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing involves using US postage mail or email to reach a hidden consumer base. Most businesses that conduct direct marketing realize that, while they have done well, they have not done enough. Embedded in the concept of direct marketing are three words that just may stun you and improve your business drastically.

First, what does the word “direct” mean? To be “direct” means to be forward, straightforward, to the point about something. When you are “direct” with a person, you go to them (not others) and talk about problems, observations, provide advice, and so on. People who are direct when they have an issue or a problem are less likely to avoid a smearing campaign or have hearsay heaped against them. When your business uses direct mail marketing, it prevents its name from libel, defamation, and slander.

The word “mail” refers to the US postage method by which citizens receive documents, letters, and other necessary information. Mail is delivered to consumer homes by way of postal carriers such as UPS and FedEx. Mail provides a personal touch to marketing. Telemarketers call to present their product, but few phone callers pay attention or consent to purchase the product. When your business uses direct mail marketing, it does so by sending announcements, flyers, brochures, postcards, and other announcement forms to American citizens. Direct marketing gives the impression that you genuinely care about the consumer public. Often, when a business owner manually signs his or her name on a document, it says to the consumer, “I cared enough to write this with my own signature.” Oftentimes, manual signatures are a relief, as compared to letters written with photocopied ones.

The word “marketing” refers to a strategy by which your business will gain consumers and profits. Marketing occurs anytime an individual decides to use certain strategies by which to gain consumer attention. Advertising is a form of marketing, and advertising contains different forms: commercials, infomercials, magazine announcements, newspaper announcements, radio announcements, email announcements, press releases, and so on. When your business uses direct mail marketing, it familiarize itself with the various strategies by which to reach the consumer public, and learns which strategies are most effective and how. Marketing is as much a science as it is an action.

Impact Color Print wants to help you in your direct mail marketing strategies. We realize that the key to winning consumers’ hearts is a warm smile, welcoming business office, great prices and products, and a personal concern for consumers and their welfare. If you are interested in letting us help you with various types of marketing tools at your disposal, call (800)-670-9866.

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