Wooden Oak Barrel Mock-up

Wooden oak barrel Mock-Up Set includes 4 renders 3d scenes in 4 psd files 3000×2500 resolution (10×8.3 300dpi HiQ print) All the objects on a transparent background. Smart objects used allows you to replace design wooden oak barrel item contents for your own responsive designs in few seconds. Device composition customization is as easy as moving/scaling individual devices as layers. All layers are cleaned up, named properly and color coded for easy identification of layers designated to be edited by user. Quick Instruction:
  • Open PSD file
  • Double click on layer “barrel print edit” (marking layer red)
  • Paste your design image
  • Save the layer (smart object)
  • You can adjust the effect of light, shadow and reflex changing to appropriate transparency layers – “ligh over”/”light”/ “shadow” etc. You can put the objects on any background, to use it in their presentations and design. Change the size, mirror, dream, add others, add your own text to create colorful and fun work. Good luck in your work, thank you! Rate it if like it!