Newspaper 24 Pages

NEWSPAPER 24 pages Indesign template (version 5.5) for daily or weekly publication. The main file consists a 24 page template, 3 extra frontpages and 3 extra back covers. There is a HELP FILE included for assistance. All pages items and article shapes are stored in a library. ITS EASY TO EDIT AND CREATE A NEW PAGE All typography is created within 32 paragraph styles and 1 text styles. Size is: 290×415 mm In inch: 11.4×16.3 Bleed 3 mm Nice custom pagecolors. All colors can be changed. The page sections in the newspaper can be changed as well. I have used excelsior because its a strong typographic choice for newspapers. Used fonts are: Excelsior: Futura: Images are for preview only! The original file will be send without these images! Feel free to contact me for support or if you have questions of any kind on this item!