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Customized Stickers

Customized stickers are the perfect way to promote any upcoming event, show or business. You can have them designed in full color with a glossy coating or specific die cut shape. Customized stickers are a keep sake for anyone who receives them.

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Customized Stickers

What do you want your stickers to say about you? That you’re into the latest fashion? That you want world peace and to stop world hunger? That you are a supporter of the fight against cancer of all kinds and hope that the world finds a cure for HIV/AIDS? That you’re a Republican or Democrat and proud of it? If you’re a business, you are the customized stickers you use.

Customized stickers allow you the option to choose symbols, logos, and objects that represent your business. If you own a dentist business, you would want to purchase stickers that have little teeth with a smiley face. If you are a doctor, you can use all sorts of stickers: smiley faces, baseball, basketball, football stickers, soccer stickers, and stickers of hockey and other sports. If you want to get more detailed with your stickers, you can even ask child patients about their favorite sport and sports team. They may like the UCLA Bruins, University of Southern California, Los Angeles Lakers, or some other sports team. Regardless of the team they like, children will smile with glee when they get a free sticker of a team they love. Even dentists and doctors can help make a child’s day a bit brighter than before.

Do you work on a school staff? Are you the principal? If so, give your teachers customized stickers to give their students. Elementary school students immensely enjoy receiving a sticker for a great quiz, good test score, excellent behavior, or a large effort on their challenging homework assignment or science project. When a teacher gives a student a sticker for a job well done, the student’s confidence in himself or herself increases fourfold! No matter how rough of a week or a day the student has, he or she will think, “Mr. Lancaster really cares about me. He thought my homework effort was awesome.” Another student will run home and tell her parents, “Mom and dad, Mrs. Harrison gave me an ‘A’ on my exam today.” As she looks her parents in the eyes, she will be twice as ecstatic when mom and dad express their joy at their child’s accomplishment.

Insurance companies, real estate companies, banks, and even retail stores purchase customized stickers. If you are an insurance agent, giving children stickers is a sure-fire way to entice their parents to buy insurance with you. If there is one way to get to parents, it is through their children. Any agent that shows a set of parents his concern for their child will gain the ear of the child’s parents. If you own or work for a retail store, you are aware of children who fall all over the new stickers in the aisles. You have probably seen a child or two cry because mom and dad would not let the child have a new set of stickers. You want to make sure that stickers are available so as to encourage children to continue begging their parents for them.

Impact Color Print specializes in customized stickers. If you are interested in purchasing customized stickers for the children you serve, call (800)-670-9866 for more details.

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