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Custom Postcards

Custom postcards can be easy and affordable with Impact Color Print! Businesses rely heavily on postcards to promote any upcoming event, product or any type of marketing special they'd like to realease to the public.

Custom postcards give you the option to customize your postcard with any images or colors you'd like.

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Custom postcards

Postcards were originally used to send a message from someone who had traveled out of town, state, or country, to a relative, friend, or business associate located in another part of the country or world. Often, postcards were sent to show a vacation spot, but postcards soon became a valuable marketing tool. It is out of the new marketing purpose for postcards that custom postcards were born. custom postcards allow your business the beauty of designing your postcards as you see fit, while leaving the consumer or customer with a message that he or she will not forget.

Why should you consider custom postcards for your business? Postcards are often an excellent way to show creativity. Your business gets to design how you want the company name to look, the logo, and the message—one of the most important features of the postcard. Famous businesses often create a buzz about their products via a message or motto that is easy to remember. If you combine an unforgettable saying with an unforgettable photo that tugs at the emotions (such as a parent kissing their baby, or stretching out his or her arms as the baby walks toward him or her), you can create the ideal postcard to intrigue consumers who will visit your business and grow your sales. First impressions are everything, and a business that can show personality and creativity in something as small as a postcard may win consumers that otherwise would have no interest in your business.

Another reason you should consider custom postcards concerns deals, rebates, and savings. It is a proven fact that a business that provides constant deals, rebates, and savings to consumers is more likely to draw greater numbers to its business than a business that does not. Postcards can serve as bulletins or small notes in this capacity: you can use the postcard to state the weekly savings your business conducts, such as “two meals for the price of 1” if you are a food business. If you are a jewelry business, such as Friedman’s or Zales, you can promote a “buy one diamond set, get the second free” deal at your jewelry store. If you are a sporting goods store or a hunting store, you can use postcards to promote your hunting equipment or sports equipment sales. Postcards are valuable marketing tools to lure consumers that have never visited your store before.

custom postcards are also an excellent way for a business to show concern for its customers and other consumers. Eye care businesses and hospitals often send postcards that say something to the effect of, “It’s been six months since your last eye care visit. Come see us for your annual eye exam,” or “Dr. Johnson would like to see you this month for your routine checkup,” and so on. When consumers and customers see these postcards, they know that you are genuinely concerned for their health.

Impact Color Print is a color printing company known for printing custom postcards. If your business is interested in postcards with your design, company name, logo, and message written on your special cards, call us at (800)-670-9866.

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