Custom Flyers

Impact Color can help you get noticed by producing stunning custom flyers that you can hand out at any event or use for any marketing campaign. In today's competitive business market looking good is the only way to go. Download our PDF brochure or call us today to discuss your custom flyers.

Custom Flyers

Your business is sponsoring a cancer charity ball at the local plaza and you want the community to know about it. Though the idea originated within the company, you want to be a present force in the community. You want neighbors, friends, and locals to know about your business, what products you sell, and the reason why you’re so necessary to the community. You realize that in the five years of business you’ve had, very few locals know anything about your company—except that it is housed in extremely large buildings. Very few people even notice you at the grocery store—though you are the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the largest corporation in the city!

The best way to make your presence known is by way of custom flyers. Flyers allow you to express your identity in your own way: they do not come with a typical, printed message that is the same message that all or most companies use for flyers. They do not come with colors selected previously and a place for a photo, a place for the company name, a place for the company phone number, and so on. With custom flyers, you can select every minute aspect of the flyer—including the layout!

What kind of colors do you want on your custom flyers? Black, white, and burgundy (formal colors) or something wild and crazy like neon green or pink! If your company is all about romance, the colors red, pick, and white may do the trick. If your company is all about stocks and bonds, you may want the colors to be green and gold (to symbolize cash money and gold). If you own an airplane business and want to show people how “heavenly” it is to fly with your airplane company, you may want to use the colors blue, white, and gold (representing the sky, clouds, and sun respectively).

What about the message on your custom flyers? This is often the most creative part of the process for businesses and companies. Everyone wants a motto that the average person can recall at a moment’s notice. The key to an excellent message is to brainstorm and examine the success of other businesses in doing this. If you own an airplane business, you may want to say something like, “Come fly high like an eagle with so-and-so airlines” or “The sky is the minimum with so-and-so airlines.” The key to the second motto in the last sentence is that usually, most people assume “the sky is the limit.” Your message tells them that the sky is only the beginning with your airline business—which makes them want to see how close to the stars can you really fly. At the very least, it allows them to dream.

Even something as simple as the font used can make all the difference in the world on custom flyers. For a more professional look, use older, more refined fonts; for an informal look, use a contemporary font. The font is the first impression of your flyer that consumers will ever see.

Impact Color Print specializes in custom flyers. We can print your flyers in any size, with any colors and layout. If you want to discuss your flyer options with us, call (800)-670-9866 for more details.

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