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Custom Coffee Mugs

Custom coffee mugs are an item guaranteed to be kept by your customers or prospects. They can be printed with any image you'd like in full color. You can hand out these affordable coffee mugs with your company logo or customize a design for a certain type of product or event.

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Custom Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs were once thought of as drinking utensils, something that holds coffee as you sip your dark roast in the morning while reading the local newspaper. At some point in the recent past, however, coffee mugs were seen in a whole new light. In the same way that shirts came to be seen as “billboards with a message,” so did coffee mugs. Now, a coffee mug is not only a coffee holder, but a message announcer as well.

It may have sounded silly to you in the past, but what about now? Are you ready to use custom coffee mugs as a way to spread the word about your business? One benefit of using custom mugs is their shape. There are quite a few shapes of coffee mugs that you can choose. Not all custom mugs have the traditional shape to them. If you are a new company that wants to show consumers how contemporary you are, you may decide to choose another shape of a custom mug that will appeal to your “artistic” consumer base. For artistry companies, custom coffee mugs allow them the opportunity to play around with shapes and designs and be creative.

You can also use custom coffee mugs to say something gripping. Publishing companies can use famous statements by some of their well-known authors as messages for their coffee mugs. If you own a coffee company, coffee mugs are the ideal marketable product for your business. Use the coffee mug to say something like “you can’t have the coffee mug without the coffee…come see so-and-so coffeeshop.” If you want to be even more creative, you can give a playful message like “While you sip your coffee, the children are at school learning, the newspaper is being delivered to your home, traffic is congested, and your boss is getting angry. To keep your job, pick up a cup of coffee and a doughnut for him from so-and-so coffeeshop.” It’s not hard to see that a cup of java and a doughnut could keep you from the unemployment line!

If you own an office supply company, custom coffee mugs are an ideal sale. Your coffee mugs could come with the message, “Work and coffee…you can’t have one without the other.” This message seems to play off of the old song on “Married with children” of “Love and marriage, love and marriage/go together like a horse and carriage/this, I tell ya, brother: you can’t have one without the other.”

Impact Color Print specializes in creating custom coffee mugs for businesses. We want consumers to drink coffee and come to love your business, all at the same time. We can print any design or message on your custom mugs and are willing to discuss other coffee mug options. If you have an original plan for your coffee mugs or want some guidance about coffee mugs and advertising, call us at (800)-670-9866 for more details.

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