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Custom Buttons Printing

Custom buttons is a sure fire way to guarantee your message gets seen. Whether you're message is for a product, service or event custom buttons will ensure maximum exposure. Marketing can really take a full effect when someone else is literally wearing your message. Find out why so many politicians and business invest in custom buttons for the best results.

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“Wearing What You Think”: Custom Buttons

Have you ever heard the expression “Do not reveal every thought you have?” This expression conveys that there are some things better left unsaid—that some secrets are better left secret. Nevertheless, humans are fascinated with the idea of reading minds and knowing the true thoughts and intentions of other human beings. Mel Gibson’s role in the movie What Women Want is an excellent example.

custom buttons now allow you to wear what you think on the outside of your mind for the entire world to see. Do you have a stake in the current political candidacy for the party presidential elections? Wear a button that says, “Vote for ________” to show your political pride. Is it your birthday? If so, wear a button that lets everyone know without making a sound. Do you think that harsher penalties should be given to robbers, burglars, and thieves—or that hunting rules are too strict and environmentalists are too cruel? Wear a button that talks about it. Is it Cancer Awareness month? Are you running a tribute marathon for HIV/AIDS victims? Wear a button. No matter the occasion or rationale, you can wear buttons that convey the mood you are in at any time.

custom buttons come in many shapes. You can have square, rectangular, round or oval buttons. If you want to advertise for a tire company, you may want to have a round button with tires and a highway on it as your picture. If you are a political campaign team member who advocates one political candidate over someone else, then you should wear a button with a candidate motto and his or her face beside it. If you believe teachers deserve a raise, you may want to have a button made in the shape of an apple with the words, “I go to school every day and teach my students as much as I can. That, in and of itself, demands a raise.”

custom buttons also come in assorted colors. If an individual wants to mix colors on his or her button, the individual should be willing to pay for the services he or she receives. Each color could have a significant meaning behind it: red, white, and blue are colors that stand mostly for the Fourth of July (to celebrate the Declaration of Independence; issue July 4, 1776). Colors such as Valentine’s Day necessitate the use of red, pink, and white as romance colors. Green is a perfect color for St. Patrick’s Day, and a Halloween button will contain many shades of orange, black, brown, yellow, and white.

Lastly, it goes without saying that custom buttons contain all sorts of varied messages. To celebrate Martin Luther King’s birthday, you may want to wear a button that says, “I have a dream…” and leave the rest of the sentence blank so that others, walking by, can mentally place a statement that suits them into the rest of the sentence.

custom buttons communicate messages that you may not always want to declare publicly. What remains most loveable about them is their honesty. Buttons simply wear what humans are thinking. They do the talking so that you do not have to. Impact Color Print is a color printing company that makes custom buttons. We are interested in making any kind of custom button you like—from your own selected colors down to even the very message. No matter the occasion, desire, or message, we will print buttons to fit your mood, conviction, and spirit. If you are interested in purchasing our custom buttons, feel free to call (800)-670-9866 or visit us on the web at for more details.

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