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Custom Business Cards

Full color business cards can greatly enhance your business prospecting by presenting you as a professional and reputable business. Our creative team can offer you a business card that will be guaranteed to get you noticed!

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“Have it Your Way”: Custom Business Cards

Business cards have always been used by businesses to provide company location information—emails, social media site memberships, telephone/contact numbers, company name, physical address, and so on. Most business cards also provide the names of the founders and the administration in charge of daily operations. Business cards have always been valuable as a means by which consumers can contact and reach businesses that may not always be available by telephone or visit.

Custom business cards, however, add a whole lot more “pizzazz” to the traditional business card. “Custom” is a shortened form of “customized” or “customization.” When your business cards are made, they will be made just the way you want them to be. When you customize your business cards, there is no preselected design or pre-arranged layout to which you must adhere. There is no one specific place your company name must go, or your contact information. No one will tell you, “The picture must go here,” or “These two colors must go at the top or bottom,” etc. Custom business cards allow you the option to place everything in the form, design, and style that you want. You do not have to follow the layouts and designs of other companies; instead, you can go with your own unique look.

Where do you want the company name to go on your custom business cards? Many companies place the company name at the top of the card, but you can place your company name at an angle in one of the card corners, coming down one of the four sides of the card, or at the bottom of the business card. If your company name has two words in it, you can have one word of the name to come down the left side, while the second name comes down the right side of the business card. You can use two of the corners of your custom card as places to put both words of the company name. If you want to do a letter scramble business card where all letters are placed on the card in a random order (with the company name highlighted and clearly seen), you can do that as well. If you are a comic strip company that produces weekly comics and comic magazines, you can have a comic strip on your business card and decide where to put it. Since your custom business cards are yours and yours alone, you are guaranteed a design that no one else can duplicate.

Custom business cards grant you the freedom to be as creative and fun as you want to be. Remember that your cards say a lot about you—and just may convince the naysayers to pay your business a visit.

Impact Color Print specializes in custom business cards. We can make your cars with any style, color, photos, logos, and layout that you want. Your business cards will make an impact on your consumer base, and we want to make an impact on your consumer base and you. If you want to discuss business card design options with us, call (800)-670-9866 for more details.

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