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Commercial PRINTING

Commercial printing has never been easier or more affordable. Impact Color Printing has systemized the printing process to offer you the most competitive pricing on any of your commercial printing needs.

From custom boxes to catalogs and anything else you can imagine we got you covered!

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Hot off the Presses: Commercial Printing

You own a business. You have worked hard to grow your business from the ground up, sacrificed time, sweat, and tears to hire workers, research your product line, file company papers with the government to get a license to own a building, and so forth. You may own an Internet company that operates from your one-bedroom apartment. Though hopes are slim at the moment, you have dreams that one day your company will soar—and the one-bedroom apartment will turn into a three-bedroom house with a pool out back and out front. The way to help grow your company is to win people to your company, let them know that you are “out there” and that you have a product they will love. The best way to do this is by way of commercial printing.

Commercial printing is the process by which your announcements, flyers, business cards, and other advertising prints are produced. This is an important process because your advertising print cannot be quality without a quality printing process and quality equipment. Everything from the type of paper used, to the message you want on your print, to what information you want on your business cards, to the events placed on company flyers, and so on, plays a role in how massive a consumer base you can draw to your business.

There are a few factors that are of the essence in commercial printing. First, we perform a quality check—we make sure that the ink is not smeared, the print is visible and legible (not faded), and that every piece of paper printed comes out nicely. Believe it or not, we will feel just as bad as you (if not worse) should the advertisements not print as they should. Next, we bind print jobs. If you are in the scrapbook business, you may want to have some holes punched onto the sides of the advertisements to allow other scrapbook collectors and lovers can place the advertisements in their scrapbooks to give other consumers. If you are a writing business, we want to make sure that your books have the best binding. If you own a restaurant, a travel agency, an airplane service, or a fast-food joint, we want to make sure that your menus and brochures are well-folded and that even the folding reflects the service that your company has to offer. All of these steps take time, but we do our best because we are here for you.

Impact Color Print specializes in commercial printing. No matter the print job, we will always give it a quality effort and produce a quality product successfully. Regardless of your business or need, Impact Color Print is here to make an “impact” on your finances and company success. If you are interested in commercial printing for your business, call us at (800)-670-9866.