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Club flyers

Club flyers are the perfect way to promote your upcoming club events or regular club nights. Club flyers are affordable and easy to hand out. You can get thousands for a low cost and make the most out of your promoting efforts.

The more flyers you hand out the more people will come on by to check out your club.

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What’s Happening?: Club Flyers

The club scene is a place many socialites love to be. They go to the club to find out the latest events going on in the community, get a chance to hear some of the comedy talent in the community (or hear a famous comedian), get some R&B, Soul, or Hip-Hop singer to set the mood for the dance floor, and so on. When a person has few friends and few prospects for his or her love life, taking a trip to the club might be the best thing for him or her. Club flyers are the way that you can help the “non-sociable” crowd get connected.

Club flyers are useful for your club marketing strategy because they let consumers know that you exist. Consumers do not have the luxury of traveling all over their county, city, state, and country to know whether or not something exists. When you send a flyer or publish one in public places, consumers get an opportunity to learn of events they would otherwise not know. When you send a flyer, you are saying to the consumers, “We’re out here, and we’re interested in your business.” Once you reveal your business and what it does, a person can decide whether or not they want to visit.

Club flyers are also useful for your club marketing strategy because they alert consumers as to major events at your club that are going on in the current week, or special events that will take place throughout the month. Perhaps you have been trying to break through a certain consumer base for so long—to no avail. Maybe a certain consumer base you want to attract to your club likes some famous rapper, or some comedian is an LGBT supporter and you want to attract lesbians to your night club. If you have a famous comedian in favor of LGBT rights, you may attract that target consumer base you want to win over. The same goes for jazz artists, novel rappers, or new musicians. Bringing an accomplished community member or bodybuilding champion into your club scene may spark the relationship with a part of the consumer base that, until now, has never had an interest in your club.

Club flyers are also useful because you can place them into a person’s hands. Some clubs make the mistake of putting flyers on a wall, or a light fixture outside for consumers to walk by and “notice” it. However, would it not be a better idea to place a flyer in a person’s hands so they could take it home, leave it lying around the house, and “find” it? There is a greater chance of consumers attending a club event when you place a flyer in their hands that helps them remember, than to attach it to a wall or fixture and hope they recall it on their own later. You do not want consumers to have to rely on their memory (which often fails humans)—for business’ sake.

Impact Color Print can produce your club flyers. We want to do whatever it takes to get your club “groovin’” in the club business. If you are interested in designing flyers, call us at (800)-670-9866.

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