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Church Offering Envelopes

Church offering envelopes by Impact Color Print are an affordable way to get offering envelopes your congregation will love.

You can put your logo and any type you'd like with a custom design.

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Church Offering Envelopes

Your church store is the top store in the city for church supplies, and you are used to having customers around the store at every turn. It seems that there are several churches in the city in which your store is located, so you never run dry in the business. The only problems you face are that there are often too many people in your store, or you can’t order church supplies fast enough!

What do you do when your church offering envelopes run dry? You need a new supply. Instead of paying to order some church offering envelopes that every other church has, why not allow your clientele to have a customized experience with their church envelopes? Too many envelopes come with a design that is bought by all the churches in the area. Churches often want their materials to be different from other churches. Look at sanctuaries: no two churches are built alike, or come with the same size rooms and accessories. Each church is unique because it comes with a distinct name, size, various windows, different building plans, and so on. Churches want to have their own men and women conferences, throw their own unique celebrations, and have choir robes of different colors. Churches even want their baptismal pools styled differently, or a different kind of chandelier or piano than other churches. Churches that use carpet today want a different color carpet than other churches. Some churches have different instruments than others; while some churches adopt modern instruments such as digital pianos, other churches want the traditional pipe organ or piano in their church for a small, yet powerful sound.

Church envelopes not only offer churches a customized experience, they also offer churches a unique identity. Whenever a church buys their own designed set of church offering envelopes, they buy them with pride. If a person loses an envelope at another church that happens to know the style of the church envelope—or is familiar with the church name—one church can return the envelope to the church that owns the envelope style, saying, “I know where this envelope comes from.” Church offering envelopes reveal a church’s identity as distinct from another’s and provides an easy marker for one church to become familiar with another church. Lastly, church offering envelopes offer its members the chance to value their church. If church members see that a church cares about its envelopes and the manner of its giving, members will often contribute more money to the church. As a church supply business, you want to market your products in such a way as to give the impression that giving to the church can be fun, exciting, and a personal experience. Giving will suddenly shift from a responsibility of obligation to a responsibility of personality.

Impact Color Print specializes in printing church offering envelopes. We can print church envelopes in any color or size, and can even offer two-color printing on church envelopes, along with the church name and/or photo. If you want to buy custom-made church offering envelopes for your church supply business, call (800)-670-9866 for more details.

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