Catalog Design Services

Your catalog is one of the most important printed pieces your company can produce. You can take advantage of Impact Color's countless years of designing and experience and professional staff. We can design and print your catalog to fit any style you'd like. Download our PDF brochure or call us today!

Catalog Design Services

Catalogs are impressive booklets that showcase products, services, or food that a business offers. Whether it is the United States Treasury, a toy business, or a home interior business, all businesses need catalogs from our catalog design services.

First, our catalog design services use premium gloss book paper. Gloss book paper has a thick-magazine feel to it and is made of vegetable and soy-based inks. We do not need to cut down trees to make paper or kill animals to produce ink. In this regard, we make our catalogs “environmentally-friendly.” Our gloss book paper comes with an AQ coating, known as “aqueous coating.” The aqueous coating (so-named after “water” coating), protects the paper from dirt, scratches, smudges, and smears of any kind. This ensures that your catalogs will remain as beautiful as the day they were printed at our printing facility.

Next, our catalog design services have two choices with regard to front and back page designs. Your catalog can have color on both sides or color on one side and black on the other. Both are the same price, no matter which you choose—so the choice depends on what kind of look and feel you want your business to have. The colors we provide for you to choose from are numerous. We know that you have the right kind of idea for your business, and we want you to share it with us. We are here to please, so there is nothing we won’t do to provide you with a service we know you will love. If you want to dream as big as the sea in your catalog design, try your ideas on us.

Your catalogs will also come with a choice of paper dimensions from our catalog design services. Our catalogs come in 8.5 x 11 paper (traditional) or 8.5 x 5.5 (non-traditional). For us, it does not matter which paper size you choose. Some businesses choose larger catalogs (such as restaurants) because they want to offer lots of food choices to their customers. Some choose smaller catalogs because they offer a few services—they are specialized companies making a particular kind of product. Phone manufacturers fit in this category; though they make quite a few phones, most phones are similar in their look, with different specifications. Usually, phone companies will place all phones in the same model family in the same category on a catalog and let a customer inquire about this on his or her own.

Impact Color Print specializes in catalog design. In addition to the above features, our catalog design services print catalogs anywhere from 8 pages to 48 pages. If your business needs catalog printing, do not hesitate to contact us at (800)-670-9866 for more details.

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