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Business Brochure

Business brochures are a great way to promote your business. Your full color images require the best of care when printing. Impact Color can give you the high and affordable quality your business deserves. Your business brochure will stand out from the competition!

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Business Brochure

What is a business brochure? A business brochure is a pamphlet designed to provide information about your business or company to consumers. If a business wants to succeed and win customers, it has to provide information about the company name, products, and goal. Consumers want to buy from companies they can trust; if it seems to them that a business or company is hiding information, they will not trust the business—no matter how great it is.

What are some ideas you can implement with your business brochure? Customizations for business brochures depend on the business field, logo, expenditure budget, etc. If you are a private tutoring organization that tutors in many subjects (math, science, English, history, economics, calculus, etc.), you may want to go neutral for your business brochure and simply have a teacher and a student in dialogue on the front cover (and throughout) the business brochure. A good idea for a tutoring company would be to match the subjects it teaches with the items the brochure will discuss. For example, if your business wants to talk about the subject “history,” place a history book as the marker of the new brochure topic and provide details about your business’ history (i.e., how the company got started, who first invented the idea of your company, who designed the logo, who was or is currently the first president, etc.).

If your tutoring company mentors in the languages, you would want to have a section where language books are the photo placed at the top—and then, you would want to talk about the languages. When it comes to pricing, the title of the new section would be the subject “Economics,” and you would list how tutoring services are priced, what they cost (based on the amount of mentoring time a person needs), and the acceptable payment forms for tutoring services rendered. For the science section, you could discuss what forms of mentoring you prefer. You might even be the type of business that allows the mentee to choose the type of mentoring method they want. If this is you, it will make your company more enticing than the competition. After all, we live in a Burger King age where everyone can “have it his or her way.”

What are the benefits of business brochures? One benefit of business brochures is that they connect with consumers. When a person can read a brochure and know what it is the company stands for, what their services are, how much they cost, their days and times of operation, and the names of management, they seem more knowledgeable of a company and will trust your business. Consumers do not want to be tricked, deceived, or swindled into purchasing a product. They want to feel as if they can weigh the pros and cons of a business and come to their own conclusions. With the aid of a business brochure, you can tap into that human desire and connect with them from the start.

Another benefit of business brochures is that they create sales for businesses via word-of-mouth. Consumers who read your brochure and process the information in it will be sure to tell family, friends, and acquaintances about your business. As a result, your brochure will be read by the loved ones of the brochure reader, causing them to tell others about the business and interest people in what you have to offer. The word-of-mouth chain goes on and on and on, as those who are told tell others. If this is the case with just one business brochure you get printed and pass on to a consumer, imagine what 20 or 200 brochures will do!

Impact Color Print can create the ideal business brochure for you and your company. Our business brochures come in four sizes: 11 x 17, 11 x 25.5, 8.5 x 11, and 8.5 x 14. We also provide five optional folding layouts: z-fold, roll fold, accordion, half fold, and letter fold. We are open to any customization that you want or need for your business. Contact us and let us discuss customized business brochures with you. Call 800-670-9866 or visit us on the web at for more details.

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