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24 hour printing

I need it now! The famous words when we're in a bind. Fortunately Impact Color Print can come to the rescue. We can print and ship your job all in 24 hours when you find yourself in a bind.

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24-Hour Printing

There are only 24 hours in a day, and there are fewer hours than 24 in your workday. When you consider that you must eat three meals (maybe an additional snack or two), sleep, shower, get dressed, spend time with family and chase after personal, leisure pursuits, the workday seems terribly minute—just a little too small for the gargantuan tasks you must achieve. There is a way out of this hectic schedule: 24-hour printing. For all those large prints that you need for work but cannot get done days in advance, this fast-printing service is for you.

What is 24-hour printing? Simply put, it is a printing service whereby a printing task (no matter the size) is done and ready for pickup within 24 hours. Whether the task is 60 pages or 600, a printing service can do the job. If you drop off your work on a Tuesday at 2pm, it will be ready for pickup on Wednesday at 2pm—if not sooner.

What are the benefits of 24-hour printing? One benefit of this fast printing service is that you save time. Some business projects or print jobs consume a lot of time. You would stop by the printing company and sit for a while if you did not have to pick up the kids from school, pull another long night at company headquarters, or go home and start preparing for your company presentation that is due by tomorrow at 9am. Even after you factor in all these errands, there is still the duty of reading your kids a bedtime story and spending some quality time with your spouse—who also has a hectic business schedule. An hourly printing service understands the hustle and bustle of life and aims to help you achieve the numerous tasks that you assume on your shoulders from day’s beginning to day’s end.

Another benefit of 24-hour printing is that it not only saves you time in your hectic schedule, but it also saves your business money. Most printing companies charge an expensive amount for an enormous print job. When you factor in the fact that most companies do not have major printers to perform numbers of printing jobs at once, plus the demand for print jobs (and few employees to operate printing companies), company expenses run through the roof! A company that can print your business job fast in a day need not charge you for the extra print time nor the short staff. It is a simple fact that jobs that take the least amount of time cost the least.

Impact Color Print is a color printing company devoted to printing business jobs as fast as we can. Our 24-hour printing service will have you in and out of our printing company in a jiffy! If you need a printing job done in a few hours or less than a day, come see us at Impact Color Print—where we hope our printing makes an impact on your business and your life.