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2 Color Printing

2 color printing is a perfect way to print booklets or any other type of printing material for a lower cost than full color.

Often times a playbill or program can use 2 colors to save on a high quantity booklet.

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2-color printing

Have you ever wondered what the back of a printed sheet is for? Many people assume that the back of a sheet is just to protect the front of the sheet—which is why the back is never used. Others use the back of sheets in order to save paper and money for print jobs. Why pay for eight pages (16 sides) when you can use four pages (8 sides) and save dollars and cents?

2-color printing, however, is about something entirely different. This printing process involves the use of both front and back sides of sheets for printing on brochures, pamphlets, leaflets, and other printing forms. Additionally, the printing process involves the use of two different colors that are printed on the same side—half of the sheet is one color, half of the sheet is another. Double color printing can involve the use of either one side of a sheet or both front and back sides of the same sheet.

The appeal for 2-color printing is the neat combination of colors that your brochure or leaflet can display. For example, if you want to do a neat brochure for parents about your day care and its adventurous yet educational activities, you could make half of a front side blue and the other half yellow—and have an area where the blue and yellow mix to make green. The purpose of the multicolor sheet is to show parents that their children will learn meaningful material at your day-care center that will help them grow into artists or individuals with critical thinking skills. Learning that blue and yellow make green may not help the child right away, but it may serve useful in other areas of light. Perhaps the child will become an Isaac Newton or an Albert Einstein one of these days!

Another appeal provided by 2-color printing is that it allows consumers to see a business’s creative flair. If you own a day care business, parents would love to see a painting of a child that combines two colors and even mixes bad colors together. A little handprint of a child, colored with all sorts of bad combinations, turns out to be a wonderful form of advertising for parents with small children. You would expect children to put bad colors together, and using handprints with bad colors appeals more to authenticity than handprints with perfect coloring. The genuine “bad” colors show parents that their child will be allowed to “make mistakes” and “mess up” at your daycare center; that you do not expect the child to be perfect or to do everything right. Children, in their development years, need to be present at daycare centers that allow them to make mistakes, learn from them, and grow to make better decisions.

Finally, 2-color printing allows your business to use the back of a sheet for a special message or extra “punch” to the brochure, leaflet, or flyer. If you can provide as much information as possible, it may break the mold with a skeptical parent and win you a new customer.

Impact Color Print specializes in 2-color printing. We want to show you the impact that double-color printing can make on your brochure, leaflet, and flyer, as well as your customer base and business. If you are interested in double-color printing, call (800)-670-9866 for more details.